Monday, January 30, 2006

Which Gold to Buy

Which gold to buy can be an important question for the gold enthusiast.

There are so many types of gold one can buy. These can include gold investments such as stocks in mining companies or gold futures, gold accounts such as or gold bullion such as gold bars or coins.

Firstly, gold investments, stocks and futures are very much a professional market and not for the hobbyist, more for the speculator in gold. For this one needs experience and a very good and trustworthy commodity broker. In addition there are some tax considerations to be aware of which may not apply with buying gold coins for collections.

Gold accounts can be held with banks in some countries but not all. This is an area banks are moving away from. However there are private companies that store actual gold in escrow for those who have accounts with them and this is one way one can own and store gold, usually purely for investment purposes.

Then we have gold bullion. This is in the form of gold bars and gold coins. When it comes to which gold to buy, this is probably the best way for most people. It is easy to obtain gold coins and small bars. They are not difficult to store and, best of all, they retain their value even in times of crisis or economic need.

However, sometimes it is a matter of personal choice which gold to buy. Either way there are some criteria to be aware of.

  • Learn as much as you can about the various type of gold you can buy.
  • Select your plan of which gold to buy and what your budget is.
  • Do an extensive browse on which gold you want to buy.

Which gold to buy is your choice, but which ever type you choose, ensure you have fun and enjoy your gold, whatever form it may take!

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