Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Buy Gold in Canada

To buy gold in Canada is just as easy as it is to buy gold in Australia, the UK or the US.

If you want to buy gold in Canada, the Canadian Royal Mint produces a number of gold, as well as silver and other precious metal coins including the beautiful and famous Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

However, when you buy gold in Canada you don't have to buy gold from a Canadian Gold Dealer. Some of the major US Gold Dealers who offer some of the best gold coin prices in the world, will post your gold coins and bars to Canada for reasonable postage costs.

Buy Gold Bullion Online in Canada
Many Canadian gold investors who are interested in buying gold bullion online in Canada use goldmoney.com. GoldMoney who in 2008 held over $300 million US dollars worth of gold for its clients, provides a safe, convenient and cost effective method of buying gold bullion in Canada. Your gold bullion is fully insured and stored securely for you in specialized bullion vaults in London and Zurich.

One of the main advantages when you buy gold via goldmoney compared to say a Gold ETF or a Gold Pool Account is that your gold is owned directly by you and there is no counterparty risk! To learn more visit goldmoney.com

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official gold bullion coin of Canada. It is the purest gold coin in the world. With the advent of the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, the concept of pure gold coins without alloy was pioneered, just a disc of 99.9 percent pure gold that did not require the strength of an alloy since the coin was not intended to circulate or be handled.

Created by Walter Ott in 1979, with a gold content of .9999 fine gold (24k), it contains gold mined totally and only from Canada's own gold mines.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is particularly popular in India and the Far East where pure gold is the most accepted and familiar form of gold bullion, even in small weights. You can find the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin bought and sold by gold dealers around the world.

The coin is available now in one twentieth, one tenth, a quarter and one half troy ounces as well as the original and traditional one ounce coins. All gold coins have legal tender status in Canada but the face value is far below the value of the gold content and are largely symbolic.

In addition other forms of gold are available from the Canadian Royal Mint who also refine and produce gold kilo bars, trade bars as well as one, five and ten-ounce gold wafers, all to the same quality standard. All are struck with their weight, gold purity level and the Royal Canadian Mint hallmark.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is often considered one of the most beautiful of the gold bullion coins and is often collected for its magnificence and beautiful designs. However mostly it is collected due to it being made of pure gold. It is recognised and has a has a resale value around the world, and as the value of gold increases, so will the value of Canadian gold.

One Million Dollar Gold Coin
The Royal Canadian Mint recently unveiled a million Dollar coin. On may 3rd 2007 the first one million dollar face value Gold Maple Leaf coin with a gold content of 100 kilograms and a purity of 99.999 percent was announced to the world. Designed by the artist, Stanley Witten, the coin was produced to increase the exposure of the mint to the world. However since then, interest has been sparked for the coin with several buyers lining up and 5 confirmed orders for the 2 million dollar value coin.

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) , (French: Monnaie royale canadienne), manufactures all of Canada's coins for circulation and also coins for other nations. They produce collector coins as well as gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion and even palladium bullion at times.

As with many other mints, the RCM also now manufacture other products made with precious metals such as watches, medallion coins, jewelry and many other products.

The RCM is what is called a Crown corporation operating under the legislation of the Royal Canadian Mint Act. Therefore all money in Canada is technically issued with the authority of the Canadian monarch, Queen Elisabeth. In practice, however, all operations are administered by the President and CEO, also known as the Master of the Mint, and who is the senior executive officer of the RCM, reporting to a Board of Directors.

The RCM is known for the high quality of its products not the least of which is the famous Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

Canadian Gold Coins
The RCM makes an extensive range of other gold coins and bars as well as other precious metals and these can be seen at www.mint.ca.

Canadian gold coins are popular because of the high quality and pure gold content of the coins.

To buy gold in Canada is just as easy and exciting as buying gold elsewhere and buying Canadian gold, for many Canadian gold investors, is the most exciting of all!

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