Sunday, January 22, 2006

Buy Gold in Britain

You can buy gold in Britain just as easily as in Australia, Canada, the US or any other country.

In fact you can buy gold from the British Royal Mint. The Royal Mint produces some striking coins on a regular basis which an avid collector can add to his collection.

Proof Gold Sovereigns are an example of the type of coins the mint sells. These are usually a limited issue so once that issue is sold there are no more available.

This gives them a future rarity to add to the already excellent value of the sets.

In addition there are many past issues of Britannias and Sovereigns available from dealers around the world and online. Even auctions such as eBay features British gold coins and sometimes, if you are watchful, patient and a bit smart, you can get some real bargains.

With proof sets of course there is a heavier mark up as they are normally presented in a case and specially sealed in moisture and tamper proof packs. Add on shipping and insurance. All this costs money and of course the purchaser pays.

Never the less, in the long term, these coins are good value for money and will give many hours of enjoyment to collectors as well as increase their value over the years.

Of course one does not have to be in the UK to buy gold in Britain! All these coins are available online, even from the Royal Mint, as well as from dealers around the world.

All the British coins are available and, with some experience and patient study, one can select out some very valuable coins to collect and hold for the future.

For the coin enthusiast, to buy gold in Britain can be a rewarding experience just as buying British coins from wherever you are located, can be!

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