Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Australian Gold Sovereign

The Australian Gold Sovereign is perhaps one of the rarest gold Australian coins, much sought after by collectors and numismatists.

There were only ever 190 different sovereigns struck from 1852 to 1931 and so their rarity increases their value yearly.

There are three prime reasons for collecting any gold coin and this applies very much to collecting Australian gold sovereigns.
  1. Rarity. The Australian Gold Sovereign qualifies since there have been no more struck since 1931.
  2. Quality. The quality of the Australian gold sovereign and half sovereign is very important. Do not purchase coins that have been worn or damaged. This will reduce the value. Record prices are only paid for coins in top quality condition.
  3. Demand. The more demand there is for a particular coin, the higher the investment value. Australian Gold Sovereigns are in high demand because of their rarity.
But for many collectors and numismatists the greatest appeal of the Australian Gold Sovereign is its beauty and history as well as its investment value. Many collectors have made a substantial profit from building up a collection of Australian Gold Sovereigns over time. It is a coin that is very sought after by collectors and consequently very easy to sell.

Profiting from a sovereign collection can be easy provided you study the sovereigns and collect those that will return the best investment.

Complete collections usually return the best investment. The Perth Mint Collection, for example, is a collection containing 33 coins minted from 1899 to 1931, and is a good investment. While most of the coins would cost between 150 to 200 Australian dollars each, there are several key dates that make the collection particularly valuable. These would be 1899 and 1924 to 1928 inclusive and they are likely to cost considerably more. To get a complete collection of the Australian gold sovereign is likely to set one back a great deal.

But which ever Australian Gold Sovereigns you collect and how many, you can be sure you will get great enjoyment from your collection and from the knowledge that you have a terrific investment for the future.

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