Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Buy Gold Wholesale

To buy gold wholesale usually means buying gold jewelry, such as gold necklaces or bracelets, in bulk.

Buying gold bullion in the form of coins or bars is usually done on a one for one basis. of course one could buy a quantity of gold coins or bars for resale. That woudl qualify as a whole transaction in gold bullion.

realistically however, the only way one could consider the purchase of gold on a wholesale basis would be if one purchased a London Gold bar of 400 troy ounces. Of course at the current price of 550 US dollars per ounce this is usually beyond the abilities of most people. There are, in addition, difficulties such as transport and storage to consider. Mostly companies are the main purchasers of London Gold Bars and they are usually retained within bank vaults.

Basically it comes down to how much you have to spend.

That will dictate the range or quantity you can acquire. Then it is a matter of selecting the type of gold of your choice. Gold coins, bars, nuggets or investment by way of shares or Exchange Traded Funds.

Coins tend to be the better choice if you are considering a purchase as an investment as they can be easily stored and transported around and, more importantly, are easy to sell in any country if and when the situation warrants it!

However there are dealers who will buy your gold wholesale. In all honesty however, you would be better off selling your gold piece by piece. You will get a much better price for it. The exception would be a specific gold coin collection, such as the Perth Collection of Australian Sovereigns, for example, where the value of the collection would surpass the value of each individual coin.

So there is really no such thing as buying gold wholesale but don’t let that stop you buying gold, as it is always a worth while investment and will give you hours of satisfactory enjoyment!

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