Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gold Biscuits

What are gold biscuits? Gold bars come in two types. Cast gold made by pouribng gold into moulds and stamped. The stamped bars are thinner and flatter than the cast type and are often called gold biscuits as a result.

But most dealers make no distinction between the two types and simply refer to them all as gold bars.

One of the major dealers of gold bars dealing in both cast and biscuit are austincoins. They have been around since 1989 and are considered one of the major dealers in the industry.

Here are some important points to consider when you are buying gold bars.
Whether you are buying the cast or ‘gold biscuits’ variety of bars take into account how much gold you want to store your assets in.

Decide on what type of gold you would like to own based on the price and your personal taste.

Decide on what type of gold you'd like to own. There are some distinct advantages to owning different types of gold coins or gold bars.

Try to get private, non-reportable gold. This might involve overseas purchase of course depending on where you live.

If you pay by check in the same country, you will generally pay less.

Watch for discounts and special offers.

Always select a trusted gold dealer. Ensure you buy from a trusted dealer who has specialized in precious metals for some time. Working with a trusted dealer is important otherwise you can never be sure you are not purchasing counterfeit gold. You also want a dealer you can sell back to in later years perhaps.
Whatever types of gold bars you collect you can have fun! Collecting gold bars is step to a secure future and it can give you a very satisfactory feeling to know that you have some gold biscuits in the cookie jar for a rainy day!

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