Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gold Eagle

The Gold Eagle is an American gold bullion coin known as THE AMERICAN GOLD EAGLE.

Details of the coin are:
Fineness: .916
Actual Gold Content: 1 troy ounce
Diameter: 32.7 mm
Minted face value: $50
Each coin shows the official weight and denomination on the reverse. American Gold Eagles are authorized by the United States Congress and are backed by the U.S. Mint for weight and content. Although the face value is only $50US the coins are worth much more due to the gold content. On the obverse side is the Liberty design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and on the reverse is the ‘Family of Eagles” which gives the coin its name.

These coins were first struck in 1986 and are produced by the United States Government Mint in both proof as well as uncirculated condition.

The coins actually come in 4 different sizes.
1/10th oz with aminted face value $5. - 16.5mm in
1/4th oz with a minted face value $10 - 22mm in diameter
1/2 ounce with a minted face value $25 - 27mm in diameter
1 ounce with a minted face value $50 - 32.7mm in diameter
You cannot buy these coins direct from the United States Government Mint. You will need to go to an Authorized Dealer.

You can buy both proof and uncirculated coins. The proof coins are considered more valuable as they are produced to a much higher standard than uncirculated coins which are simply coins that have not yet been in circulation. Uncirculated coins can still have scuff marks, edge knocks and other imperfections, whereas proof coins are produced to a higher quality standard and are issued mint. These come pre-packaged and should never be removed from their packaging. Originally proofs were simply minted as pre-production samples but have, over time, been made available to collectors and have become very popular as a result.

Which ever you prefer, Gold Eagles are wonderful coins to collect and can give many happy hours of enjoyment.

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