Monday, January 23, 2006

Mexican Gold Coins

Mexican gold coins are not as well known as the Eagles and Maple Leafs etc. But they nevertheless have a history and beauty all their own.

Gold is steeped in Mexican history. The Aztec Empire are very well known for their fascination with gold and it represented the sun in their culture which of course is the same color. However the Aztecs did not use coins as they used goods to trade with.

It was later with the coming of the Spanish that coins were introduced into the cultures of Mexico at that time. These were gold Escudos and they were issues in half, 1, 2, 4 and 8 escudos. This remained until 1964 when decimal currency based on the peso was introduced.

And then we come to the Mexican coins of today.

The current Mexican gold coin is the Libertad. This is available in one twentieth, one tenth, a quarter, a half and one full troy ounce size. These coins also contain some alloy to strengthen the coins.

More commonly the peso gold coin is minted by the Mexican Government and this comes in ranges from 1 peso, about a fortieth of an ounce, up to 100 pesos.

There are a great variety of other Mexican gold coins available and for the enthusiast, it can mean many happy hours browsing the vast quantity of Mexican gold coins available.

As with any gold coins, there are some points to consider when buying mexican gold coins.

Ensure you deal with a reputable dealer. There are many fake coins out there and they are so well created that one might not even realize until the time comes to sell them.

Look out for deals and discounts. Try to build up a collection of a specific coin, perhaps acquire all the dates of issue. A collection such as this is invariably worth more than the value of each coin individually.

Do lots of browsing. You will be surprised what you will find online while looking for Mexican coins.

Last but not least, have fun!. Collecting Mexican gold coins can be a real pleasure for the coin enthusiast!

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