Friday, January 13, 2006

Buy Gold in Australia

To buy gold in Australia is very easy. Australia is fortunate enought to have two mints. the Perth Mint and the Australian Mint. Probably the first place one would look to is the Perth Mint who sell a very extensive range of gold products. Also there are a number of reputable Australian Gold Dealers one can buy gold from in Australia.

Australian gold products include:
  • Australian gold coins
  • Australian gold bars and bullion
  • Australian Nuggets
  • Early Australian Gold Jewellery
The Australian Gold Sovereign is popular with collectors, having an investment potential as well as beauty and rarity. The Sovereign has been struck at the Australian Mint and Perth Mint over a period of years and while the recently minted ones are excellent in their own right, the earlier and rarer ones are also sort after by enthusiasts building a collection.

The Australian Gold Bar is another fine gold product popular with collectors. These are obtainable from the Perth Mint as well as dealers around Australia.

There is a lot of romance and mystery surrounding the Australian Nuggets. These are quite rare as are only found on the surface while prospecting and never found underground. Australian Nuggets are an excellent investment due to their rarity and popularity with collectors. Each nugget is individual with no two being alike. They range from fractions of an ounce to over 10 ounces in very rare cases.

Early Australian Gold Jewellery is almost a separate subject itself and it requires some considerable experience and expertise to know what to collect and what to pass by. Available mostly from dealers and auction houses, the value of Australian Gold Jewellery depends largely on the rarity, genuineness and historical interest of the piece. Early Australian Gold Jewellery is not something the novice gold collector would collect.

Australian Gold usually has a history that provides a bonus to the serious side of gold collecting. To buy gold in Australia can indeed be a satisfying and rewarding pastime.

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