Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Buy Gold Coins

Why buy gold coins indeed! Quite apart from a collectors viewpoint, there are several good reasons why it is prudent to buy gold coins at this time.

Kevin DeMeritt, a top gold investment advisor of Lear Financial, Inc., stated, "In this highly volatile international financial climate, gold's value, relative to most national currencies, will soar …"

The current financial international climate relative to most countries can be quite volatile. This means that there can be a very big change in currencies affected by international tensions and trade issues. Gold coins tend to remain stable during such times.

With rising oil and interest rate rates in the US, and global trade imbalances the financial market is undergoing increased instability and unpredictability. In such a highly volatile international financial climate, it is quite likely that gold's value, relative to most national currencies, will continue to increase.

Here are several sound reasons to buy gold coins.

The declining value of the dollar. Gold is bought and sold in US dollars so as the value of the dollar decreases on world markets so the value of gold appears to rise. Since the dollar has been stripped of its gold backing it is now simply a piece of paper.

With more of the dollar being 'printed' each day to shore up the declining value, inflation has contributed to the US having the biggest world debt. This is where owning gold coins becomes increasingly viable as a hedge against inflation. Gold has held its own value for over 100 years.

People have traditionally turned to gold in times of crisis. While other investments may falter and fluctuate gold remains steady and continues to increase in value.

More gold is being demanded and this is outstripping the supply. With regulations being relaxed in china, for example, one can expect a surge of gold demand over the coming years

Storing gold coins is very simple and easy. They weight, as coins, is not large and they can be hidden from thieves easily. They are easily transportable and can be sold quickly in times of need.

Gold price may fluctuate but over the long run gold has consistently proved to be an effective preserver of wealth. It has also proved to be a safe choice in times of economic and social instability.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is traditionally a poor move so any portfolio should include gold coins as a good hedge against the downward movement of shares and other financial investment vehicles. In fact the price of gold tends to increase more when other stocks drop thereby providing a good balance to the overall value of the portfolio.

Apart from the above it is also fun to collect gold coins, with the immense variety available and the striking beauty that many gold coins have, this is a good reason alone as to why buy gold coins.

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