Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Medieval Gold Coins

Medieval gold coins were known, in medieval times as Bezants.

There were no early gold coins produced in European in early medieval times (The middle ages), but coins from the Mediterranean gradually found there way there and circulated around. These were thought to have come from Byzantium, the early name for Constantinople, and by the coins were called Beznts.

Most of the coins used in Europe at that time were bronze and silver.

In the 10th and 11th Century, in England small gold coins valued at around 2 shillings sterling were used. In those times gold coins were used more for special ritual payments and general currency. Roundabout the 1250s the florin from Florence was minted and distributed and also found its way to the shores of the UK.

Collecting medieval coins is not a particularly financial rewarding activity, and most collectors of medieval coins are in it for the joy of sourcing out and collecting some of the worlds rarest ancient coins. It is a hobby that requires some study and homework and there is inevitably a fascinating story behind every medieval coin that is produced.

It also requires some common sense and due diligence, as there are many fake medieval coins, especially with the higher priced ones. Getting to know what the hall marks of a genuine coin are and knowing from whom you are buying are the first important steps to buying medieval coins.

Probably the best way is to check out the various coin associations and clubs. They will invariably have members who buy and sell coins amongst them and that is usually the best way to safely buy ancient coins. One still needs to keep ones wits about one of course! You might buy a coin which the seller does not really understand and was hoodwinked him or herself.

Again it cannot be emphasized strongly enough to:

Know your coins
Know from whom you are buying
Inspect before you buy
Ensure there is a returns policy in place if you find the coin is not what you expected.

Keeping in mind the above will help to ensure that you buy medieval gold coins you are happy with and will give you many hours of pleasure.

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