Monday, March 12, 2007

2007 Gold Bullion Sovereign

The 2007 Gold Bullion Sovereign is a delightful gold bullion coin just issued by the British Royal Mint.

The obverse carries the traditional and greatly-renowned portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, but the reverse is quite stunning in its image of St George slaying the dragon. This most celebrated if sovereign designs is immortalized by Benedetto Pistrucci.

In Christian hagiography (the study of saints.) Saint George (c. 275-281–303) was a soldier of the Roman Empire who was venerated as a Christian martyr. Saint George is considered one of the most venerated saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodox Churches. Immortalized in the tale of George and the Dragon, he is the patron saint of many countries including Canada, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia,

Each Sovereign is struck in the finest quality 22 carat gold and eloquently captures every detail of the design. The polished coin is housed within a beautifully illustrated presentation card.

Issue limit: 75,000
Alloy: 22 Carat Gold
Weight: 7.99 g
Diameter: 22.05 mm
Denomination: SOV
Code: UKB07R
Price: £120.00

It is quite likely that dealers will be jumping in and making their bulk purchases with this coin so it would be a good idea to jump in oneself and get as many as possible before they are snapped up.

The 2007 Gold Bullion Sovereign is very likely to be a very popular coin not just for the design and beauty but also for the small size and ease with which it can be transported. A few of these coins is a convenient way to buy and sell and to transport and as required.

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