Friday, September 15, 2006

Gold Coins First Strike

Gold coins first strike refers to the very first issue of any gold coins by a mint. They are usually proof coins or uncirculated mint and cost more than the usual for the coins. If they are proof they have been specially stamped and minted and the quality is far superior to the 'coins ordinaire' you might find in coin shops.

The term strike refers to the method of making the coin. The strike of a coin is the process of stamping a design onto a planchet or in other words a blank piece of the metal, in this case gold. A coin can have either a strong or a weak strike. Much of this depends on a coin's design. A coin can also be strike several times. This is how proof coins are made.

Proof coins are supplied in special packaging from which they should never be removed otherwise their proof 'status' will diminish.

First strike gold coins are a great buy and good for a coin collector to beef up his collection.

Their value is usually well known and if they are proof or uncirculated or mint condition and remain that way then, in all likelihood, their value will only increase over time.

The First Strike designation by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) first appeared in 2005, and is strictly limited to the first coins minted in each series.

First strike gold coins are available in plentiful supply through the Internet at reputable dealers as well as at auction or from your local coin dealer.

A few points to watch.

The coin or coins should be in their original untampered with sealed packaging.

There should be a certificate that comes with each coin or collection of coins.

It should indicate if the coins are first strike or a later edition. This can make a difference to the price and it should be clearly marked on the certificate

Provided one is sensible and does some due diligence there is no reason why one cannot be the proud possessor of some first rate high quality gold coins First Strike!

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