Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gold Bars to Buy

There are so many gold bars available in the gold market place one wonders what would be the best gold bars to buy?

A lot depends on your budget of course but the bigger gold bar you can possibly buy is the best to start with. Obviously you get more gold but also the margin or premium (how much you pay over and above the spot price or value of gold) is a lot less when you purchase the larger bars.

For example the margin on a one gram gold bar, or biscuit as they are often called, would be almost twice the value of the gold. But on a 1 kilo gold bar the margin is only a percentage of the value of the bar.

Gold bars are different to ingots. To make an ingot the gold is poured into a mould and tends to be rough. A good bar or biscuit is pressed or stamped out, rather like a gold coin, and usually has a much better finish.

Buy your gold bars from reputable dealers or mint or foundries. You want to ensure that you are buying the real thing and not something that is dubious. Buying gold bars on eBay may seem like a good idea but it takes more experience than to simply buy from a proper mint or dealer.

Gold bars should come as 99.99 percent pure gold and should come with a certificate of authenticity. The bars should also be numbered and the number correspond to the certificate. The bars should also be sealed in plastic and the seal should not be broken.

Gold bars can be transported easily and are easy to sell. They make for good asset management and, in the face of inflation, are an ideal method of keeping your assets intact. Besides, gold has been steadily rising and is quite possibly likely to so continue.

The above gives you some ideas of the gold bars to buy and keeping these points in mind will assist to ensure that you have excellent genuine quality gold bars.

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