Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gold Biscuit Bars

Gold biscuit bars or wafers, as they are sometimes called, are bars of gold which have been stamped out from a sheet rather than being cast like such as ingots. The gold biscuits are thinner and smaller than traditional bars and very convenient to buy sell and transport.

They are usually made by a refinery or mint and such places as the Credit Suisse, Johnson & Matthey, the Perth Mint, to name but a few, all produce a high quality gold 'biscuit' bar.

Most of the gold bars you buy, unless you are buying the very large bars, will be wafers or biscuits so there are just a few points to keep in mind when you are on the look out for such bars.

Many dealers do not make any distinction between the types of bars so it pays to first find out what type of bar is being offered for sale.

You need to know the full details or characteristics of the bar, weight, gold content, is the bar numbered and who manufactured the bar. Also is there a certificate that comes with the bar and is it sealed in it's original packaging?

You need to establish how much of your assets you want to store in gold. There can be advantages in owning various types of gold, Coins, small bars, perhaps the odd larger bar. Old antique coins.

If you can, get private, non-reportable gold. This will likely require overseas purchase of course depending on where you live so you will need to practice some due diligence when it comes to the purchase. Is it a bona file dealer? Can you purchase direct from the Foundry or Mint? This is always more secure of course.

Watch for discounts and special offers.

If you are purchasing from a dealer, always select who is trustworthy. One who has been dealing on gold bars for some time. You need to be sure you are not buying counterfeit gold. I can assure you, it is out there!.

You also want to deal with someone with whom you can later sell back perhaps. Keep this provision in mind when seeking a good dealer.

Above all, buying gold biscuit bars should be a fun activity. Enjoy the game of seeking out just those right bars and remember, These are biscuits you store safely away and don't keep in the cookie jar!

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