Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Buy Gold Coins Online

One of the best ways to buy gold coins these days is online. What should you know about buying gold coins online?

Reputable dealers all have comprehensive web sites that are designed to assist the buyer make the right purchase. Dealers make money, not on the one-off sale, but on the repeat business coin collectors will bring. Therefore they are keen to do as much as possible to retain your custom including providing lots of information and an easy interface to work with.

You should also look for a dealer who would be happy to buy back from you at some future date.

Here are some criteria to keep in mind when you pick an online dealer to buy and sell from.

Select an established dealer who has been around for five or even better, ten years or more. New companies spring up at the drop of a hat and when the gold market rises a flurry of new 'businesses' will emerge only to sink again when or if the market drops. You want a company that will be there regardless of the fluctuations of the market place and will continue to serve you in the years to come. An established dealer that has thousands of clients is not about to disappear for the sake of a few dollars when they have a multimillion dollar turnover.

Pick an established established gold dealer that has a fixed address displayed on their website.

What sort of associations is the dealer registered with? Better Business Bureau, Coin Associations, etc. In short, what credentials can the dealer offer to substantiate their worthiness?

Is it easy to contact the dealer? Do you have to spend hours on the phone only to talk to a machine? If so it is better to find a dealer with whom you can actually have a conversation and, importantly, make you feel you are important to their business and not a brush off. Find a dealer who listens in other words.

Pick a dealer that knows what they are talking about. Can the dealer tell you which are the best coins to buy? Can they make any suggestions? Do they just try to sell you anything or would they be selective with a view to assisting you build up a portfolio of gold coins that suit you?

Do price comparisons between the dealers. You would be surprised at the variations when comparing apples with apples.

If you can, find out some of the dealer's customers and ask them their thoughts. Ask around at gold forums for other people's thoughts on the best dealers to buy from. Referral is invaluable when it comes to first hand experience.

You are looking for a dealer that you work with and build an association with long term so it is important that you make the right selection. There are plenty of online companies or dealers out there.

With some serious research on the dealers and companies out there you will certainly find the best one for you when you are ready to buy gold coins online.

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