Sunday, February 26, 2006

Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series

The Perth Mint in Australia, has been striking an excellent theme series of purse gold coins called the Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series.

These solid gold coins celebrate the Chinese year and years covered so far include:
2004 Year of the Monkey
2005 Year of the Dog
2005 Year of the Rooster
2006 Year of the Dog Proof Issue
Past issues include:
Year of the Dragon
Year of the Goat
Year of the Horse
Year of the Mouse
Year of the Ox
Year of the Rabbit
Year of the Snake
Year of the Tiger
Most of these coins are one tenth and one twentieth of a troy ounce with some half and quarter and one fill ounce coin also. All gold coins are 99.99% pure gold and are classed as Australian Legal Tender and feature polished design elements on a frosted background. this makes them an esy buy for someone one a budget.

The quality of the Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series is excellent and the coins are very beautiful. In addition, unlike the Canadian Maple, these coins are somewhat more durable and less likely to be damaged if treated properly.

All coins come sealed in their own protective plastic pouch and should not be removed under any circumstances to retain the quality of the coin and the value. If you buy any of these coins and the packaging is broken return them immediately from whence you bought them.

As well as individual coins they also come attractively displayed in boxed sets with certificates of authenticity.

This entire coin series, unlike the American eagle which is virtually unlimited, comes in limited mintage and this increases their collectability.

The Australian Lunar Gold Coin Series makes an excellent gold coin theme and would be a very valuable and attractive addition to any coin enthusiast's collection.

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