Thursday, February 23, 2006

Buy Gold and Silver Coins

Many a coin collector buy either gold or silver coins, but some smart collectors buy gold and silver coins.

When it comes to investment, these collectors are taking advantage of a number of points about collecting coins.

They are diversifying their collection. By not specializing, they are able to take advantage of any sudden surge in value of a particular metal, coin or range of coins.

Gold and silver coins are easy to buy, store, transport and sell. The silver coins have a lesser value per coin than the gold, generally speaking. Of course certain antique or rare coins may be the exception but, by the same token, these are coins you would not ordinarily buy and sell frequently and they tend to have a more specialized collector.

At the time of writing, a one ounce silver coin is worth around ten US dollars whereas a one ounce gold coin would be around 550 US dollars. Carrying around some 5000 dollars worth of gold coins would be easier than 5000 of silver coins but also would be harder to sell on a one coin basis and one may not want to cash in so much at one time. Having both gives one the choice so that you can cash in a minimal amount using the silver coins or a larger amount using the gold depending on choice and circumstances

In both types of coins the best coins to buy, retaining their value best and being easier to sell, would be the American gold and silver Eagles, the Canadian gold and silver Maple Leaf, the gold Krugerrand and the Australian gold and silver Kookaburra. The British also have the gold and silver Sovereign and of course the Chinese gold and silver Panda coins.

All these are fairly common, recognisable and easy to purchase. They are all available in the one ounce with 99.9 percent fine gold or silver. All retain their value, if not increase it, and all are aesthetically appealing coins to have and admire.

Always ensure you buy proof or brilliant uncirculated coins and always buy from a reputable dealer.

It is a smart move to have a diversity of coins in your portfolio and buying both gold and silver coins will help to ensure you are not caught with your pants down!

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