Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pobjoy Gold and Silver Jubilee Coins

60 Year Jubilee Gold Coins

To celebrate a remarkable 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II as Monarch, the Isle of Man Government has approved the release of gold and silver coins to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

This year we commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Accession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty became Queen and Head of the Commonwealth in 1952 and was crowned in Westminster Abbey in June 1953. The Queen is only the second Monarch in British History after Queen Victoria to achieve a Diamond Jubilee making this an extremely rare event.

This remarkable coin features the Royal Cypher, including St Edward’s Crown, which crowned Queen Elizabeth the second at the Coronation. 

A genuine diamond has been inset into each coin. Which is then presented in a ‘window’ box and available in Fine Silver 1/2oz and Fine Gold 1/10oz.

The second coin, a Fine Gold 1/10oz coin, features an image of Her Majesty at her Coronation shown with the Crown Jewels, including the Royal Sceptre and Orb. This beautiful coin also has a genuine diamond inset into it.

Both coins portray a unique double effigy produced especially for this year and showing a portrait of Her Majesty as she appears on current coins alongside a portrait as she appeared on the coins at the start of her Reign.

According to Pobjoy, 'All the coins are produced to the highest quality and have been struck four times to produce a glorious mirror finish background with the design sculpted in striking relief.'

Pobjoy produces many fine gold and silver coins on behalf of various nations and governments.

Diamond Gemstone Shaped Silver Coin
According to their website,

"The Pobjoy family has been associated with fine metalwork since the Middle Ages. The Company was recently granted permission to use the family Coat of Arms in which the Medieval Popinjay is the central motif. The Popinjay was a painted wooden parrot used in archery contests in the 14th century and the name Pobjoy is derived from this. The Latin motto 'OCULO CERTO' means 'with an unerring eye' and applies equally to the ancestor's prowess as a marksman, as to the Company's reputation for the high quality and precision of its products. Over the past three centuries, the Company has been involved in many diverse fields, but they have always been involved in metal, both base and precious. During World War II Pobjoy Aero Engineering was involved in the manufacturing of the famous Spitfire wings. The Company is now the largest private Mint in Europe."

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