Saturday, April 07, 2012

Gold, the real Turkish delight

Gold is the real Turkish delight in Turkey with the Turkish Government doubling the amount of gold lenders can hold in reserves compared to paper money. The shift from ten to twenty percent from On March 27 2012, means that Turkish banks are now able to use gold as a money reserve against foreign currency deposits.

This change of policy followed turkey's banks receiving approval to hold some of their reserves as gold.

Turkey, as has India and Vietnam before them, is turning to gold as a safe method to address their balance of payments problem.

A 70-year-old housewife once said, "In an emergency, I can convert [gold] to cash and I don't have to wait for the bank to say the asset has matured." And it seems this is the growing attitude in Turkey, Another country now recognising the value of gold as money.

As well as some US States now, Venezuela, Mexico, India and China are not the only countries recognising the value of using gold to back their assets.

The traditional form of saving in Turkey has been gold and the government now wants to draw down on that asset in an effort to reduce the ten percent finance gap of GDP. The fact that it is using gold to do this is significant and indicates the growing dissatisfaction in paper money in the form of the Turkish Lira.

As the pointed out recently, “It would seem the rise in the value of Gold (in Turkish Lira) has been a 'good' store of value for the Turkish people over the past two decades...”

If you want some of that ‘Turkish delight’ then the best way is to buy gold while it is still hovering in the lows.

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