Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Old Gold Coins

Long before the Krugerrand was issued there were not very many old gold coins with real pure gold.

A typical example of those that were is the Austrian 100 Coronas. This was a large gold coin produced between 1908 and 1914 and later reissued in 1916 as commemorative coins.

The obverse features the head of Emperor Franz Joseph I and the reverse The arms of Austria superimposed upon a crowned double-headed Imperial eagle.

Technical Specifications include:

Diameter 35 mms
Weight 33.8753 Grams
Fineness .900/1.000
Gold Content 30.4878 Grams
Gold Content. 9803 Troy Ounces

These coins can usually be obtained for around 330 to 340 US dollars each, at time of writing, so they are actually quite a bargain. You need to check the price at the time of purchase as it may fluctuate with the price of gold.

There is also an Austrian 20 Corona gold coin which basically contains only 6.0976 grams of gold but is still a good collectors item never the less. This has the same obverse and reverse and were also restruck as commemorative pieces. The price for these run at anywhere from 90 to 125 dollars US depending on issue, number ordered and condition.

There are many other Austrian gold coins such as the franc and florins and it is a good idea, if you are interested in collecting these, to scout around and see what can be found.

Most of these coins had a limited mintage also so they are collectors items and it is quite likely that the value of old gold coins will increase in time for their collection value and not just for the gold content.

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