Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gold and Silver Coin Prices

Gold and silver coin prices will gradually increase as the value of gold and silver increases. This has been noted already over the past few months and, provided the increases continue, then the value of gold and silver coin collections will increase in value also.

Gold and Silver Coin Sets are a good way to increase your gold and silver coin prices. Coins that form sets tend to be worth more than individual coins. If you have one Chinese panda coin it has a specific value. But if you have a set of Chinese Panda coins such as China 2005 Panda 5-coin gold Premier Set, for example, then each coin would be worth proportionately more by virtue of being in a set.

The China 2005 Panda 5-coin gold Premier Set is issued in five denominations from one twentieth of an ounce through to one ounce and there were only 2000 sets of these coins issued.

Other sets of gold and silver coins have been issued in the US, UK and Canada among other countries and these, although the price tends to be high, are an excellent value for coin collectors.

Collecting the same coin but different issues each year is another way of improving one's coin collection.

Canadian Maples and the Australian Lunar Series come to mind as typical examples. A new coin is issued each year and some collectors studiously collect each coin and add it to their collection. This provides a steady improvement in the value of the entire set and, with the steady increase in the value of gold and silver, the value of the set takes on a new meaning.

With the time, effort and expense of building up such a set some collectors rarely sell their coin sets and this tends to add to the value also. many collectors have several sets of different coins.

As it looks quite likely that gold and silver coin prices are going to continue their gradual rise in value, it would probably pay to hang on to any sets of coins one has and perhaps even enhance their value with additional coins where one can!

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