Friday, March 03, 2006

Golden Wattle Gold Coin

The Royal Australian Mint produces many gold coins of various types, not the least of which is the Golden Wattle Gold Coin.

The Golden Wattle Gold Coin is a striking depiction of Australia’s national Flower, the Wattle.

This coin was struck in 24 carat gold to very exacting standards in three types. $150 and $100 face value proof coins and a $100 brilliant uncirculated gold coin. The mintage was severely limited to 1500 for the 150 dollar proof coin, 2500 for the $100 dollar proof coin and just 3000 for the brilliant uncirculated gold coin.

All are one half a troy ounce of 24 carat fine gold.

Each coin came with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and the Golden Wattle coins were the seventh in a series of nine issues celebrating the beautiful floral state emblems of the Australian States. The series includes:
  • 1995 Waratah New South Wales emblem
  • 1996 Tasmanian Blue Gum,Tasmania emblem
  • 1997 Mangle's Kangaroo Paw, Western Australia emblem
  • 1998 Sturt's Desert Pea, South Australia emblem
  • 1999 Common Heath, Victoria emblem
  • 2000 Cooktown Orchid, Queensland emblem
  • 2001 Golden Wattle, Australian floral emblem
  • 2002 Sturt's Desert Rose, Northern Territory emblem
  • 2002 Royal Bluebell, Australian Capital Territory emblem
The Golden Wattle coins were beautifully presented with the 150 dollar coins coming in a Blackwood timber box and the 100 dollar coin in a jewelry style case.

The Golden Wattle gold coin was indeed a beautiful coin and would be a treasured possession for any coin collector.

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