Thursday, March 09, 2006

Buy Gold and Silver

To have a balanced portfolio it is a good idea to include gold and silver bullion. This can be in the form of gold and silver coins and bars. A balance can be struck between the two depending on a number of factors.

Firstly, how much liquidity is required in your portfolio? This depends on your investment strategy of course and how liquid you want your asset to be.

Silver is currently around 12-13 dollars per ounce while gold is running at around 650 dollars US per ounce. So a one ounce silver coin is much easier to buy and sell than a one ounce gold coin for most people. If you are happy to buy silver and gold for the long term with no thought of cashing in any of your investment then it would weight more heavily in gold bullion than silver. On the other hand, if you want to be able to cash in your investment fast (perhaps travelling around a ot) then your investment would more likely to be heavily weighed in favour of silver bullion.

Unlike paper currency, both gold and silver are sellable in virtually any country in the world. Whereas the US Dollar or other paper currency may be refused, such as in Australia for example, it is unlikely that Krugerrands or silver eagles would be refused by any bank or dealer around the globe.

Probably for most people 20 percent silver bullion to 80 percent gold bullion would be an acceptable ratio. It is a fact that gold and silver coins are easier to sell than small bars. In some countries gold and silver bars when purchased will attract tax but coins generally do not as they are considered legal tender.

To buy gold and silver is an attractive way of saving and can provide a life saver when it comes to providing for one’s future while at the same time offering quick access to some cash when needed.

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