Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dental Scrap Gold

Dental scrap gold is fast becoming an additional resource for people wishing to sell gold.
Dental scrap gold consists of any gold that has been used in the mouth and is worth more sold than kept.
It can include any failed, damaged or deteriorated gold or silver crowns, any bridges, PFM's (porcelain fused to metal), PFG’s (porcelain fused to gold), Inlays, Gold Partials and more. In fact here is a list of the dental scrap including gold, silver and platinum that can be sold.
Dental Sweeps
Gold Crowns
Gold Bridges
Silver Crowns
Silver Bridges
Platinum Crowns
Platinum Bridges
Palladium Crowns
Palladium Bridges
Mixed Precious Metal Dental Work
PFM's (Porcelain Fused Metal
PFG's (Porcelain Fused Gold
These can be with or without bone or porcelain.

Sometimes you will find the gold is fused to porcelain as in PFGs. This can still be recovered and separated and most scrap gold dealers will do this.

Many people these days are making some extra money selling old gold caps, PFGs, bridges and crowns. Old teeth given to one or left to one by deceased family members, gold teeth that have fallen out. Sometimes a gold tooth can sell for around 50 dollars depending on weight and other factors. Gold for dental work is usually around 16 karat and needs to be chemically treated to leach out other metals in the alloy before it's melted down.

While the gold may still be attached to a tooth, jewelers will hammer out the gold or if it is really firm, leave it in cola over night to loosen it and then hammer it out in the morning. The small gold dental nuggets are then refined and melted down into ingots and sold back onto the market.

There are many scrap gold dealers who will buy dental scrap gold and you can browse them. There are some reviews here of scrap gold dealers who will buy dental scrap gold.
Once upon a time one might have said, 'there’s gold in them thar hills', but now with dental scrap gold around it is 'there is gold in them thar mouths'.

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