Thursday, November 09, 2006

Uruguay 5 peso gold coin

The Uruguay 5 peso gold coin, also known as the Uruguay 1930 Constitution Centennial 5 Peso NGC MS-62 Gold Coin is a much sort after collectors coin.

During the Great Depression The Uruguay government decided to produce a quantity of 5 peso gold coins ostensibly to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the republic but more likely to aid in boosting the economy at that time since the effects of the depression was being felt world wide including, of course, Uruguay.

The coin itself has an effigy of José Gervasio Artigas 1764-1850). He was a national hero of Uruguay and is sometimes called "the father of Uruguayan independence", and is much revered as Uruguay's greatest national hero. In his youth Artigas was a gaucho in what is now Uruguay. Allied with the Buenos Aires junta, he fought for independence from Spain and won a brilliant victory at Las Piedras.

His insistence on federalism against the efforts of Buenos Aires to assert control over the entire region led to civil war. He ruled over a portion of what is now Uruguay and central Argentina until a Portuguese invasion forced him into exile in 1820 in Paraguay. Uruguay achieved independence in 1828. The constitution was approved officially on July 18, 1830,

Each 5 peso coin contains a quarter ounce of pure gold, slightly more than a US 5 dollar gold coin.

These are obtainable from many dealers online including Uruguay 5 peso gold coin who have a fair sized collection of these coins.

As with any gold coin purchase online always do due diligence and ensure the dealer you are working with has a returns policy and can be easily contacted online, by phone and has a fixed postal address.

The coins should come sealed in their own protective wrapper. Of course the coins are not mint or proof coins but should still be in good condition or at least match the description given of the coins so you know what you are buying.

The Uruguay 5 peso gold coin makes a great collectors coin with its unique colorful history and its pure gold content and would be a pleasure to have for any coin collector.

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