Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gold Teeth

Gold teeth have become a popular fashion item in the hip hop culture in the US.

Also known as Grillz, named after the rap single "Grillz" released by Nelly in 2005, they are gold teeth that are usually removable although permanent fixtures are also available.

In fact not just gold but silver and platinum with diamond overlays are also worn.

Grills are also known as Fronts, Golds, Plates, Gold Grills, Shines, Caps, Slugs, Pullouts, initially rose to popularity with rappers in the 1990s using them as a symbol of their wealth and success. They have also been worn by various rock artists such as Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Kyo from Dir en grey for example.

With gold teeth or Grillz one usually makes a mold or dental impression of one’s teeth. This is to ensure a good fit. This mold is then sent to the jeweler of your choice who manufactures the gold teeth to match the mold. Removable Grillz is more advisable than permanent fixtures not because they are cheaper but simply because the are removable and so one can clean then and ones teeth adequately to prevent disease. Permanent fixtures can have an adverse affect on the teeth and gums resulting in the teeth braking off and rotting and the gums receding and bleeding.

The teeth and Grillz should be cleaned each day thoroughly. The gold teeth in warm soapy water and rinsed really well then completely dried before reinserting them again.

Selecting the Grillz or gold teeth is a matter of personal choice of fashion and budget and it is a good idea to take one's time and really pick out, or even design yourself, a set of gold teeth which will make the fashion statement you want.

Keeping the above in mind about your Gold teeth or grillz will ensure that you buy the right gold grillz for you, that they will last and your teeth are protected.

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